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Linux Twitter App Polly Updated With Minor Fixes

Tweet, tweet: a new update to the popular multi-column desktop Twitter app 'Polly' has been released to the wild.

28 October 2013
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Twitter App ‘Polly’ Adds Ubuntu 12.10 Support

My favourite Twitter app for Ubuntu has been updated to support Ubuntu 12.10. Polly is a multi-account supporting and multi-column toting desktop app for Twitter. It sports a healthy set of features whilst also having a relatively light footprint on system resources. Although a stable release of Polly has yet to be made, although the 'development' build is, in my opinion, robust enough for daily use.

24 October 2012
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Tom’s Top 5 Apps for Ubuntu

This is a guest post by Tom Slominski, a 15 year old Ubuntu user who 'loves Linux, open source and web development with a tad of alternative rock sprinkled on top.' Here Tom runs through his top 5 app picks for Ubuntu.

17 May 2012
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Twitter App ‘Polly’ Adds Real-time Updating

A new development snapshot of Twitter application Polly has been made available for download.

10 November 2011
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New Pre-Alpha of Twitter App Polly Available

A new pre-alpha release of multi-column twitter application Polly is available for download.

4 October 2011
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Schizobird Twitter App Renamed ‘Polly’

Last week the developer of Schizobird' sought the help of OMG! Ubuntu! readers in choosing a new name for his Twitter app. The post in question received over 247 comments pretty much overnight. Nestled amongst all of the sane, and not so sane, suggestions was one clear winner...

3 August 2011