Minimalistic multi-platform music app  ‘Minitunes’ has been updated with a new search feature, new icon and updated translations.

MiniTunes 1.0 can also ‘save’ playlists between sessions, a feature missing in previous releases.

Minitunes 1.0 comes almost one year after the last release of Minitunes, version 0.1.1, released mid-July last year.

Drawbacks to MiniTunes in Ubuntu

Minitunes is billed as ‘just another music player, only better’, with an interface that ‘unclutters’ your music playback experience.

These statements are are all true to various degrees: the MiniTunes UI is slick to look at, simple to use and the ‘information’ pane is possibly one of the best integrations of social meta-data in any music player period.

The minimal set of features MiniTunes offers is, in truth, part of its appeal.

However the lack of Ubuntu Sound Menu of Unity integration, scrobbling, track data editing or option for multiple-music-folder-sources make it a tool best suited to those with the least demanding of music playback needs.

Power users are best suited to to alternative players such as Banshee, Amarok or Clementine.

Download MiniTunes for Ubuntu

Minitunes can be downloaded for 32bit Linux from the MiniTunes site at

Just download the archive, extract then double-click on the ‘MiniTunes’ file inside to run.

A PPA is also available for Minitunes, however at the time of writing it is yet to be updated to version 1.0.

MiniTunes is also available for OS X, and will shortly be available via the Mac App Store.

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