The new look Alt+Tab switcher present in the Ubuntu 11.10 development releases was touched on by Jorge and Ahmed in their weekly ‘Unity Development Update‘ post.

If you’re sensible enough to be waiting until October to try Ubuntu 11.10 you don’t need to miss out on the animated wonder: below is a super short video showing off the switcher in all its blingy glory: –

Alt+Tab = Smalt+Mab

I can agree that the new Alt+Tab is visually rather swish, but as someone who doesn’t use keyboard shortcuts I find it quicker to hit a launcher icon with my mouse than repeatedly hammer my Tab key until I get the window I want.

It look strikes the right balance between function and bling;Windows 7’sneedlesslyblingy ‘Flip 3D’ switcher makes me feel motion sick, whilst OS X’s “CMD+TAB” is a fine affair, but a bit staid.

Ubuntu, it seems, has hit upon the perfect reciepe for Alt+Tab switchers: –

  • 1 part bling
  • 1 part simple.
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