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What to Expect From Ubuntu in 2019

This year (2019) promises to be a bumper one for Ubuntu. We’ve got two all-new short-term releases ahead of us: Ubuntu 19.04 mid April and Ubuntu 19.10 in late October. Both release will be packed full of […]

1 January 2019
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Linux Deepin Alt+Tab Switcher Gets Blingy

As visually slick as Ubuntu’s new ALT+Tab switcher looks I will confess to missing the days of old where even the most mundane elements of the desktop were made needlessly blingy via a compiz plugin […]

10 January 2012
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Ubuntu 11.10’s New Look Alt+Tab [Video]

The new look Alt+Tab switcher present in the Ubuntu 11.10 development releases was touched on by Jorge and Ahmed in their weekly ‘Unity Development Update‘ post. If you’re sensible enough to be waiting until October […]

27 July 2011