The Banshee team have announced the release of version 2.1.0, which, amongst 51 bug fixes, ‘brings a significant change in dependency policy.’

Banshee 2.1.0 comes just 10 days since the last release of Banshee, version 2.0.1, which was made on May 2nd.

The “major” new feature in this release is the support the subscription based DRM-free music and audiobook ‘eMusic Store’. Also present is support for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 Android handset.

The release also sees many ‘legacy dependencies’ dropped, including ipod-sharp, podsleuth and HAL.

To support users on older distros, we’ll publish a Linux bundle’ the Banshee team have said.


The Banshee 2.1.0 source can be downloaded @ The 2.1.0 build will also be uploaded to the Banshee PPAs in the coming days.


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