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Activity Log Manager for Zeitgeist lets you blacklist files and apps, delete your history, more

The first release of 'Activity Log Manager', a new tool for managing Zeitgeist-logged activities and blacklists, is now available for download.

17 May 2011
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GNOME Activity Journal goes on steroids

The boys on the Activity Journal team managed to boost the performance up to an average of 620% It now navigates quicker and loads faster than ever. Funny enough that even the memory consumption went down. Look […]

6 September 2010
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I know I’m in no position to criticise but really GNOME, really? (d0od rant)

With Gnome 3.0 on course to be released later this year developers have begun making the tough decisions on what will be included as part of the desktop – and, perhaps more controversially, what won’t […]

9 June 2010
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Zeitgeist, GNOME Activity Journal Get New Releases

The first development release of GNOME Activity Journal has been announced. Alongside it also comes the 3rd development release of the engine that powers it – Zeitgeist. Talk about timing! It was only earlier today […]

20 January 2010
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Install GNOME Activity Journal in Ubuntu

The GNOME Activity Journal (which we’ve covered a bazillion times before, see here) is getting better and better by the minute! Developer Seif Lotfy posted the following video of it in action and i can […]

19 January 2010
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Gnome Activity Journal Gets A New Look

GNOME Activity Journal, along with the engine that powers it ‘Zeitgeist‘, both of which will form part of the forthcoming GNOME 3, has been gifted with a very awesome new look. Hold on, GNOME Activity… […]

5 January 2010