Yesterday may have seen the first beta release of Ubuntu 11.04 but today saw something almost as exciting: the regular Thursday drop of Unity updates, bug fixes and minor changes.

What landed? Here’s out pick of five pretty neat changes and/or additions.

  • “BFB icon should turn blue when app goes urgent”

When an application or dialogue requires immediate attention the ‘Big Freaking Button’ turns blue (in keeping with the Messaging Menu) to alert you.

  • “Increase “launcher reveal %” for ‘Fade and slide'”

This looks slick; if using the ‘fade and slide’ animation for Unity’s Launcher you’ll find the coyness of the peeping animation revved up waiting for you in this update:

  • “Panel should have drop shadow”

I can’t say I noticed it didn’t have one, but now it’s back.

Drop shadow is back on the Unity panel

  • “Don’t create windows over the launcher”

When opening an application or new window they will not spawn under, over or in the way of the Unity launcher.

  • “First four items in Dash begin “Find” “Find” “Find” “Find””

Not any more they don’t. So long ellipses!

These are but five of a lot more. You can see the full change-log @

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