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Free ‘Ubuntu Software Centre’ Guide Released

The Vancouver Ubuntu LoCo team have released a downloadable guide to using the Ubuntu Software Center.

21 September 2011
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Help California Loco Run An Ubuntu Booth @LibertopiaFest

Want to help spread Ubuntu? Read on...

13 September 2011
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Ubuntu Community reaches out to Japan

As Japan continues to show strength in the face of such heart-breaking catastrophe a number of Ubuntu users have set up a website for users to send a message of support to the Japanese Ubuntu LoCo team.

17 March 2011
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New Gwibber User Guide makes mastering social networking in Ubuntu easy

Gwibber is Ubuntu's default social networking client and boasts a powerful set of features for tweeting, denting and micro-blogging your life - but are you aware of everything that it can do?

10 March 2011
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‘Party the real way for Ubuntu 10.10’ says Vancouver LoCo team

“Don’t Call It A ‘Party’ If It’s Not!” yells the catchy slogan from the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo team in their promotional call-to-arms for celebrating Ubuntu 10.10’s release next month. The humorous complaint is simple: Many […]

29 September 2010
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Doing the LoCo-Motion with OMG! Ubuntu!

Ubuntu is all about community. A community that is distributed all around the world. If anyone should be given credit for spreading Ubuntu (Canonical Marketing Teams and the general media excluded) then it should be […]

9 August 2010