With every new release of Ubuntu comes a rare but welcomed update to the official website. Only a month away from Natty, the Server section of the website has been completely replaced by a new Business section.

Taking care of Business

The Business section now holds within it all server related information, but also includes withing it its own pages dedicated to the Desktop/Netbook additions, showing off the many advantages they can provide to businesses. Selling points are that Ubuntu reduces costs, is work efficient, Windows compatible and easily to manage/administrate.

A number of PDF documents are available to download, most likely for distribution throughout a business. An interesting one is Whitepaper: 10 reasons to migrate to Ubuntu, a good read for all.

Business support and training is explained in detail, LTS versions are defined, robust server offerings advertised, security is well flaunted.  Other sections mentioned are the certified Hardware and Software lists.

My favorite feature in the Business section is the inclusion of many success stories that businesses, governments and organizations have had when moving to and using Ubuntu. Did you know Wikipedia chooses Ubuntu for all of its Servers? Neither did I.

This is really the best developed part of Ubuntu.com, it deserves a look see. It is also brings to life the Ubuntu branding like never seen before, fantastic design.

Take a swing by, there’s much to see: http://www.ubuntu.com/business

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