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IBM buys Red Hat

IBM Inks $34 Billion Deal to Buy Red Hat

IBM is to buy open source software company Red Hat in a $34 billion deal — the biggest in Linux and open-source history. Red Hat is best known as a Linux company, offering both Red Hat […]

28 October 2018
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Canonical unveils new web ‘Business’ section, shows off Ubuntu success stories

With every new release of Ubuntu comes a rare but welcomed update to the official website. Only a month away from Natty, the Server section of the website has been completely replaced by a new Business section.

21 March 2011
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#LCA2011 – Thinking of starting a small business? Check out these principles

Arjen Lentz is currently giving a talk at entitled "Creating the Business you want." At the beginning of his talk he handed out a sheet of A4 with 10 principles Lentz believes small companies should stick to when starting out.

24 January 2011