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Linux Mint logo

Linux Mint’s New Website is Live (And Yup, It Looks Fresh)

Linux Mint has launched a revamped and revitalised homepage full of eye-catching callouts and snippets of info sharing why the Linux distro is popular.

16 September 2021
GNOME Apps website in GNOME web app

New Website Launched to Showcase GNOME Apps

Want to find more apps for the GNOME desktop? If so, you're gonna love a new website GNOME developers have launched which helps you do precisely that!

27 August 2021

Ubuntu Website Undergoes Subtle Revamp

Some minor design changes have gone live over on the official Ubuntu website.

15 April 2013
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Canonical unveils new web ‘Business’ section, shows off Ubuntu success stories

With every new release of Ubuntu comes a rare but welcomed update to the official website. Only a month away from Natty, the Server section of the website has been completely replaced by a new Business section.

21 March 2011
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Stepping back in time: The evolution of OMG! Ubuntu!

We've had many different looks over the life of this site, so I figured it would be pretty cool to see how the website has evolved over the past year, especially for those who have just started following. Half a dozen screenshots of the site evolution after the break.

9 September 2010
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Designing the new OMG! Ubuntu! site

As promised, in this post I discuss the new website design, decisions I had to make, trade-offs and the process I went through to establish a nice style. You also get some "behind the scenes" images and information on the history of how the design was born over the last few months! Click through to read the full article in all its glory!

3 September 2010
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OMG! we have a new site!

No doubt you'll notice something different round these parts. That's right, after two months of design and development, we have unleashed the new face of OMG! Ubuntu! So what's new? Make the jump to find out.

1 September 2010