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How To Use Totem Video Player to Watch YouTube Videos

Did you know that you can watch YouTube videos on the Ubuntu desktop without using a web browser? Chances are you did, but it's taken me a while to notice it!

28 March 2017

Handy Totem Quicklist for Unity

Does Unity Launcher integration for Totem sound helpful? If so then you're in luck...

12 August 2011
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Control playback in Totem movie player by clapping (no, seriously)

It'll feel like the future (albeit that lame, not quite awesome future as depicted in late 1980s hollywood films) but with one plugin you can use 'clapping' to control playback of media in Ubuntu's default media player Totem. "Far out!"

25 April 2011
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Watch embedded Flash videos using Totem

Play embedded flash videos in Firefox with Totem using the 'Flash Video Replacer' add-on.

6 February 2011
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AirPlay video playback comes to Totem

A new plug-in for Totem movie player allows it to receive and play AirPlay video streams.

20 January 2011
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Totem’s Youtube playback to enter dark ages

Soon, all of Totem users' fast computers and high-speed internet connections will be reverting to 176x144 3GP youtube video.

14 January 2011
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Periscope subtitle downloader integrates with Nautilus and Totem movie player

Periscope is a subtitles search engine add-on that takes the tedium out of tracking down your favourite TV or Movie text. It integrates with both Totem and Nautilus (via Right Click menu entry) making it […]

13 September 2010
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Linux Movie players: VLC Vs Totem Vs Parole

VLC may the king of features, but is it the king of performance?

9 September 2010
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Trivial but appreciated: new pause/unpause display in Totem

I will freely, happily and knowingly admit that the following new feature in Totem is quite possibly irrelevant to most people, but i thought I’d mention it anyway. When you press the space-bar or use […]

22 February 2010