Procrastination attacks us all, especially when there is work to be done.

Whether your vice is being glued to your e-mail inbox, YouTube or something worse – such as holding the crown for ‘Frantic Facebook Refresher of the year’ – there is a nuclear option available in Ubuntu that aims to obliterate your addiction to internet loitering.

Self Control

Based on the OS X application of the same name, Self Control allows you to ‘block access to incoming and/or outgoing mail servers and websites’ for a specified amount of time.

Self Control stops procrastination on Ubuntu For example, you could block access to your email and twitter accounts for one hour, but still have access to the rest the web has to offer.

For any Smart Alec’s out there thinking “Cool, but I’d turn it off if I got bored.” then listen up: Once Self Control has been started it can not be stopped*.

Quitting the application won’t work, deleting the application won’t work and restarting your computer won’t work: you must wait for the timer to run out.

Active Blocks in Self Control on Ubuntu

It’s easy to see which (if any) blocks are currently running. Head to the ‘View’ menu and select ‘ Active blocks’.

But as noted above you won’t be able to stop any active blocks once in progress.


Self Control can be downloaded in pre-packaged .deb format for Ubuntu using the link below.

Bookmark project home page @ for further information.

*Ok, so it can be stopped

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