Yesterday we showcased a superb imagining of LibreOffice sporting a Microsoft Ribbon-type interface.

As expected lots of you had opinion on whether the Ribbon was right, and our inbox soon filled up with handful of links to yet-more mock-ups.

Libre, go

‘Start as you mean to go on.’my Mother often says, and so we shall. DeviantArt user ~pauloup sent us over a link to his designs (there’s a gallery choc full here). You don’t need to be a seasoned mock-up critic to appreciate how well crafted they are – they look real!

Whilst his layout has echoes of Lotus Symphony about it, which isn’t a bad thing, it retains enough originality to stand out as a worthy competitor to the Ribbion-vision of OpenOffice and MicrosoftOffice.

Elsewhere we have usrnametaken design. This goes in a different direction to the one above, seeking to integrate well with Ubuntu’s Unity interface rather than ditching the familiar layout entirely.

I can’t help but feel if the buttons were a little larger this would make a great ‘tablet’ front-end for LibreOffice.

LibreOffice mockups