Want to easily upgrade to the latest version of virtual machine application ‘Virtualbox’?

You now can using the following small script by Gnome-look user NikolaiRach1.

Virtualbox 4.0 in Ubuntu

VirtualBox 4.0 was released just before Christmas and brings with it many changes worthy of upgrading for: a new GUI, ‘extensions’ support, scale display mode, more virtual hardware, and a slew of  fixes and enhancements to existing features.

The script is simple in purpose: it adds the official Oracle Virtualbox repository, updates and then installs Virtualbox 4.0. No .debs, .tar.gz, no hassle.

How to upgrade/install VirtualBox 4 in Ubuntu

  • Download the .tar.gz [here] and extract it to your desktop
  • Run the script by double clicking on it and selecting ‘Run in Terminal’
  • Once completed Virtualbox 4.0 will launch. You are then free to delete the ‘.vbox-extpack‘ from your desktop
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