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Linux Release Roundup: GParted, Lightworks, Google Chrome + More

This week's roundup includes a Google Chrome update, improvements to the Plasma Browser Integration extension, and a major addition to disk manager GParted.

26 January 2021

VirtualBox 6.1 Debuts with Linux 5.4 Support, Accelerated Video Playback + More

VirtualBox 5.4 is out and available to download. New features added to the virtualisation software include accelerated video playback on Linux hosts.

12 December 2019
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VirtualBox 5.2.8 Released with Support for Linux 4.15

A new version of VirtualBox is available to now download. VirtualBox 5.2.8 supports the latest Linux kernel 4.15 in Linux guest machines, making it perfect for those looking to try the latest Bionic Beaver daily builds. […]

1 March 2018
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You Can Now Use VirtualBox to Test KDE Plasma Mobile

It's gotten easier to try KDE Plasma Mobile. Download the latest ISO image and boot it using a virtual machine app to try out the KDE alternative to Android.

30 January 2018
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VirtualBox Guest Additions to be Included in Linux Kernel

Most of us install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Linux virtual machines get the best experience, but now these capabilities are coming to the Linux kernel itself.

17 January 2018
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VirtualBox 5.1 Arrives With Linux Improvements in Tow

A brand new version of VirtualBox has arrived touting improved Linux integration, multi-channel audio support and more.

13 July 2016
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Virtualbox 5.0.16 Is Now Available to Download

VirtualBox 5.0.16 is the latest stable release of the popular desktop virtualization software. We look at what changes it brings to Linux hosts.

13 March 2016
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Install USB drivers for VirtualBox on Ubuntu

Experiencing vague Code 10 errors in your VirtualBox Windows 7 guests on Ubuntu hosts? Don't panic; here's how to fix it up for good.

6 April 2014
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Heads up: Unity working with the latest Virtualbox

Long to try painlessly try Ubuntu 11.04 Unity via the safety of VirtualBox without the need to hack it? You're in luck! Today's release of Virtualbox 4.0.6 is, finally, compatible with Unity, thanks to the addition of support for X.Org Server 1.10.

22 April 2011
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How to quickly install Virtualbox 4.0 in Ubuntu

Want to easily upgrade to the latest version of virtual machine application 'Virtualbox'? You now can using the following small script.

4 January 2011
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Indicator-Virtualbox adds quick-click OS launching to your panel

Indicator-Virtualbox offers a quick way to launch virtual machines via the desktop panel.

27 December 2010