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[How to] Connect your Android Ice Cream Sandwich Phone to Ubuntu for File Access

The Galaxy Nexus - such a great phone, and one that wows anyone who uses it. But there is one area in which the phone falls short: getting it hooked up to my Ubuntu laptop. Read on for a quick guide on accessing your Nexus S files from Ubuntu.

11 December 2011
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Ubuntu’s One Hundred Paper Cuts Project is Precisely Back!

Three, two, one, GO! The One Hundred Paper Cuts project is back for the Ubuntu 12.04 development cycle, to make 12.04 LTS the most bug-free, precise and pixel-perfect Ubuntu release ever! What is a paper […]

3 December 2011
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Ubuntu Desktop Designers: ‘Unity Should Be Configurable’

Ever since Ubuntu 11.04, the lack of the ability to configure many aspects of the new Unity interface has been pointed out and questioned widely. Today, at the “Meet Ubuntu Desktop Designers” session in the […]

1 November 2011
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One Hundred Paper Cuts’ Oneiric cycle has started, get involved!

It's the beginning of yet another cycle of bug fixing, squashing, smashing and thrashing! The One Hundred Papercuts Project is back for the Oneiric cycle, with lots of tiny and trivial bugs, a.k.a Papercuts, waiting to be fixed by everyday people like yourself. Make the jump to find out how you can help.

29 June 2011

GNOME3 packages begin trickling into Ubuntu 11.10

Due to the high priority of Unity in the Ubuntu 11.04 development cycle, the inclusion of GNOME3 into Ubuntu were postponed until 11.10, and Unity was shipped in Ubuntu 11.04 as a shell for GNOME2 instead. Not wanting to waste any time, development on 11.10 started yesterday and GNOME3 packages have begun landing in Ubuntu 11.10.

30 April 2011

Software Center adds ‘inappropriate rating’ link, and more

An update to Software Center in Ubuntu Natty brought a couple of changes to the 'Ratings and Reviews' feature, including the ability to mark a review inappropriate, disability to review an app if it isn't installed, and many more.

20 February 2011
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Ubuntu One in Natty gets notification-savvy

It may not have an Indicator icon on the panel like Dropbox does, but that doesn't mean that you won't be notified by Ubuntu One about what it's up to, with your files.

12 February 2011
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Next Ubuntu Developer Summit to be held in Budapest, Hungary

Once every 6 months the Ubuntu developers meet at a summit to discuss and plan the upcoming release of Ubuntu. The Ubuntu Developer Summit hence attracts a large number of developers, enthusiasts and users every time it is conducted.

8 February 2011
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Papercuts project back for Natty

The One Hundred Papercuts project is back for another round of dedicated bug fixing during the Ubuntu 11.04 development cycle. But this time with a slight difference… The Aim During the Maverick development cycle the […]

3 December 2010
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Screenshots: Desktop Unity in Natty

Desktop Unity became the default Desktop Environment in Ubuntu 11.04 recently. Though its quite a bit buggy, it does look good!

1 December 2010
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Fix ‘blank’ photo prints problem in GIMP

Many users were surprised to find out that, after upgrading to Maverick, GIMP no longer prints out photographs, but instead prints out blank pages. Fortunately, I have found the fix to this, which shall land in Maverick through update-manager in a few weeks.

9 November 2010
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Unity workspace mock-up; 4 workspace limit in Ubuntu 11.04

Mark Shuttleworth recently responded to a Unity workspace mock-up the Ayatana Mailing List and revealed some interesting features of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty...

30 October 2010