UBN30021 -1The feedback to our overview of yesterdays Alpha release of Ubuntu 11.04 has been positively positive but there was one common thread throughout many of your comments: you want to try it but daren’t for fear of the consequences…

Well, relax. The ever awesome Jono Bacon (a bit more on him later ;) ) has posted a very neat, super easy to follow guide on trying out Ubuntu 11.04 without borking your entire life’s work computer.

To play along you’ll need a 2GB or greater USB Stick/drive/a memory card and memory card reader, an .iso of Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 1 and a bit of patience if things don’t go to plan.

Find the guide over at jonobacon.org along with a bit of info on how to get involved in reporting any bugs you happen to encounter.

Need a USB stick? You can find a 2GB one on Amazon from around £5 or if you’re wanting something Ubuntu branded Ubuntu USB drives start from £11.99 in the Canonical store.

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