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Chip in to Jono Bacon’s Birthday Fundraiser

Jono is one of the most 'well known' faces in the Ubuntu and wider free-software/open-source community. But rather than receive the usual glut of inflatable guitars, novelty underwear, and PS3 games, Bacon has opted for something more in keeping with the ethos of Ubuntu and Open-Source: charity.

17 September 2012
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Ubuntu developers talk Unity – and why it’s going to rock in Natty [Video]

Ubuntu community manager Jono Bacon discuss Unity, the new desktop environment for Ubuntu with David Barth, one of the key developers behind the interface on everyone’s lips. The 20 minute video gives Unity fans an […]

11 January 2011
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Try Natty Alpha 1 Safely Using a USB Stick

Take Natty Alpha 1 for a spin without endangering your stable computer set-up.

3 December 2010
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Ubuntu have “no plans to fork GNOME”

Ubuntu community manager Jono Bacon, in an interview with Austrian newsite, has reiterated that a fork of GNOME is not on the cards. Asked whether Ubuntu’s continuing additions, removals and tweaks to the stock GNOME environment could […]

9 August 2010
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OMG! Interviews: Jono Bacon

Jono Bacon is a number of things in the open source community and is possibly one of the most well known faces associated with open source. He's been a public figure staying in the limelight ever since he got involved in the free software movement way back in the late 90s. From successful podcasts, albums, coding, writing books and being Canonical's community manager, Mr Bacon has certainly fried it all. (Ha!)

5 August 2010
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Don’t forget to tune in to @ Home with Jono Bacon later today

At Home With Jono Bacon – the Ubuntu Community Managers awesome live and interactive videocast – kicks off in a few hours over on We mentioned the awesome show a few days ago, summing […]

31 March 2010
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Ask Ubuntu’s Jono Bacon Whatever You Like – Weekly!

Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon’s live interactive Ubuntu community videocast ‘At Home With Jono Bacon‘ is moving to a new weekly slot from next week. The show, broadcast on, sees Jono discuss the latest […]

26 March 2010