Decent Wine integration in Ubuntu is something many of us would love to have – and we can thanks to an application called ‘Vineyard‘.

Vineyard provides two useful features: firstly it provides a native way to configure Wine and Wine preferences and secondly it creates tight integration between Wine and the Ubuntu desktop.

It’s a been a while since we last mentioned Vineyard here on OMG! Ubuntu! (9 months in fact!) so¬† in that intervening time the developer, Christian, has spent a lot of time working on it.

Having been totally rewritten the app now boasts even tighter Ubuntu-integration and a host of new features, including: –

  • Integration with Nautilus
  • Faster reading/saving of Wine settings
  • Indicator applet


  • Winetricks integration
  • Pre-installation of support packages when double-clicking an exe
  • New configuration options
  • Integration with WineHQ’s AppDB
  • Better compatibility with older Windows programs
  • Direct ISO/BIN/NRG/IMG/MDF support for drives
  • Enhanced library overrides (not just on/off)
  • Bug fixes, improved stability, speed and compatibility


As Vineyard is currently in beta testing installation is not recommended for casual users. Those confident enough in using beta software can install using the .deb packages below or by adding the Vineyard testing PPA (recommended).

Vineyard 0.1.5 Beta is available for Karmic, Lucid and Maverick users.

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