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Vineyard – The Easy Way to Configure Wine on Ubuntu

Do you use the Wine compatibility tool to run Windows apps on your Ubuntu desktop?

22 March 2016
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Ubuntu Wine integration tool ‘Vineyard’ gets new pre-release

A new pre-release of Ubuntu-Wine integration tool 'Vineyard' has been made available for testing.

9 February 2011
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Integrate Wine in Ubuntu with ‘Vineyard’

Decent Wine integration in Ubuntu is something many of us would love to have - and we can thanks to an application called 'Vineyard'. Vineyard provides two useful features: firstly it provides a native way to configure Wine and Wine preferences and secondly it creates tight integration between Wine and the Ubuntu desktop.

29 December 2010
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Integrating Wine Into Ubuntu With Vineyard

Wine gives users the perfect solution to switching OS – they can keep using a secure, free, totally rocking OS and still run some of their favourite Windows applications and games. Of course, Wine isn’t […]

12 March 2010