The digital painting application myPaint sees a new release full of improved features.

Coming 9 months since the last major release, 0.9 adds, notably: –

  • Brush importing and exporting
  • Tilt-support for brushes
  • File-preview
  • Performance improvements in start-up and file-saving
  • Reorganized default set of brushes
  • New preference options

You can read the Full Release Announcement for more information.

The powerful application is used by many artists in the open-source community – most notably it was one of the open-source tools used  in the creation of the Blender-backed movie ‘Sintel‘.

Amongst other things the application supports pressure sensitive graphics tablets, comes with an unlimited canvas (so you never have to resize) and basic layer support.


Installation of myPaint 0.9 in Ubuntu is made easy using the official PPA.

Enter the following commands in a terminal session (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) or by adding ‘ppa:tillux/t-misc’ to your Software Sources.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tillux/t-misc

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install mypaint

myPaint is also available for Windows and other Linux platforms.

Once installed be sure to head over to to see some wonderful art that has been created using the app.

Thanks Til!

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