Quickly and easily run any type of program/executable/script on Ubuntu using the small open source utility ‘App Runner’.

The tool disbands with the need to mark a file as "executable" before running, allowing you the ability to run an installer, application, script or other OS supported executable automatically.

Three ‘modes’ are supplied:

  • ‘Run any App’ runs the file as a ‘normal user’
  • ‘Run CLI App’ runs the selected script/app/etc via the terminal as root (sudo)
  • ‘Run GUI App’ runs the selected script/app/etc graphically via root (gksu)

For added security App Runner expires the root session before running and removes the "executable flag" after running.


App Runner is a component of Super OS – an Ubuntu-based distribution with many added extras. It can also be installed in Ubuntu individually by downloading the .DEB file available @ hacktolive.org/wiki/App_Runner

Download utility