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Ubuntu Mono Set As Terminal Font in Ubuntu 11.10

The recently released 'Monospace' variant of the Ubuntu Font Family has been set as the default monospace font in Ubuntu 11.10.

4 October 2011
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Ubuntu Font Family Update Adds Monospace Variant

A new release of the Ubuntu Font Family is available, and it comes with two new font styles: a monospaced variant, and a tight Condensed variant.

29 September 2011
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Condensed Variant of Ubuntu Font Debuts

A condensed varient of theUbuntu Font Family was uploaded to the Private testing PPA yesterday. The condensed font is provided in one weight, 'regular', and is provided without an accompanying italic.

2 August 2011
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Ubuntu font ‘monospace’ variant hits Ubuntu font testing PPA

A beta release of the Ubuntu font family's mono-spaced variant has been made available to users of the ubuntu-font-beta-testing PPA.

31 May 2011
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‘Light’ variant added to Ubuntu Font Family

The 'light' variant of the Ubuntu Font Family is available for download.

21 March 2011
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The Ubuntu font comes to London Design Museum

A new art installation featuring the Ubuntu font family opens at London's Design Museum.

28 January 2011
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Change the way websites look in Firefox

Last night I featured a neat 'Ubuntuizing' Chrome extension for Wikipedia that replaced Wikipedia's web font with the fancy new Ubuntu one. Reader rainstride saw that and got in touch to share something most customization anoraks will have a hard time resisting: the ability to change every font displayed on every website.

16 January 2011
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Ubuki Chrome extension gives Wikipedia an Ubuntu makeover

Wikipedia is ace but it wouldn't hurt looking a little bit nicer, right? Chrome extension 'Ubuki' aims to do just this by replacing the default Wikipedia font with the gorgeous new Ubuntu font.

15 January 2011
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How to get gwibber to use the Ubuntu font

If you're on Maverick (or even if you're not) chances are you're in love with the Ubuntu font and as such want to use it everywhere you possibly can. Gwibber, when using the 'Ubuntu' theme, sadly has ideas of its own but enabling Ubuntu-font usage is no more than a minor-hack away.

31 October 2010
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This Chrome extension can force all websites to use the Ubuntu font

Love the new Ubuntu font so much that you want every website to use it? Say hello to the following plucky Chrome extension which offers to do just that

17 October 2010
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Customizing Ubuntu 10.10 with a dock, new icon theme, effects, global menu and more

Quite often we'll post screenshots in articles and no doubt we will always get a comment asking what theme we're using, our font settings, or what dock that is. Today I'm going to share with you my setup - everything from my compiz settings to the icon theme!

10 October 2010
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Use the Ubuntu font on any website with a bookmarklet

Force-use Ubuntu’s default font on pretty much any website you wish with this handy bookmarklet - ‘a small computer application, stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser’ - by reader Miguel Fernández.

6 October 2010