They say first impressions count and Maverick has certainly taken that to heed with its redesigned slideshow to play during installation.

Do note that many of the images/text in these slides are still place holders, not final, are there for testing and/or remain to be updated.

Ubiquity Slideshow with Webkit_019

Each of the slides is colourful, informative and – perhaps most importantly in my mind – demonstrative. That is, they show the Ubuntu desktop/apps/features in question actually in action.  This is a great way to familiarise newcomers to the style and layout of Ubuntu right from the get-go.

Ubiquity Slideshow with Webkit_009Ubiquity Slideshow with Webkit_010Ubiquity Slideshow with Webkit_011Ubiquity Slideshow with Webkit_012Ubiquity Slideshow with Webkit_015Ubiquity Slideshow with Webkit_013Ubiquity Slideshow with Webkit_017Ubiquity Slideshow with Webkit_016Ubiquity Slideshow with Webkit_018
Please excuse the slight cropping on the right-hand side of these shots

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