Kobo Desktop Application –  a free application from eReading company Kobo that enables users to read, build a digital library, and shop for eBooks directly from their computer – is also available for Ubuntu, we can reveal. 

Through the desktop application you can shop for eBooks, build your digital library or even open an eBook and start reading it directly on your desktop.  Furthermore the application also allows users who own 3rd party eReaders to easily connect to Kobo to download, sync or purchase extra content.

The Kobo store currently holds over 2.2 million titles.

“Kobo currently offers dedicated applications for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Android Tablets, as well as the Kobo eReader.

Now with the Kobo Desktop users can sync their entire library between their mobile devices and the desktop. “



Although the Ubuntu version of the QT-written application isn’t officially supported, the developers behind the application don’t mind the slight repackaging needed for Ubuntu users to use it.

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