I can’t help but plug the following short story – called ‘G.E.E.K’ – by Mohammed Mustafa & his brother.It’s definitely a must-read for those familiar with Linux and/or tech in general, although a glossary is provided throughout for commands, words or acronyms you might be unfamiliar with.

The story combines has a unique written style, combining of all-out geekisms (“Kay walked out of /home/kay and into /home…”, IRC transcripts & more) with an interesting sci-fi tinged story that is more than capable of holding your interest.

“The idea behind ‘GEEK’ was to combine a fantasy adventure with the elements of computer software and hardware so that it would appeal to everyday computer geeks.” states the blurb on the back – and it certainly does that.
Better still the story dedication is to the OMG! UBUNTU! community! Aww :)
Grab a copy @ http://bit.ly/d5aOJA