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Gnome Activity Journal’s "mystery" hacker continues to add awesome features

GNOME Activity Journal - the easy way to view your Zeitgeist life - has been receiving some due love and attention from a so-called 'mystery' hacker who has added Drag and Drop support, entry pinning and audio preview.

28 November 2010
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GNOME Activity Journal 0.5.0 adds ‘experimental’ toolbar

The GAJ & Zeitgeist teams have announced the 0.5.0 development release of  GNOME Activity Journal – the user-friendly frontend for finding out ‘when’ you did a certain activity/file edit etc  rather than ‘where’.

24 August 2010
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Gnome Activity Journal Gets A New Look

GNOME Activity Journal, along with the engine that powers it ‘Zeitgeist‘, both of which will form part of the forthcoming GNOME 3, has been gifted with a very awesome new look. Hold on, GNOME Activity… […]

5 January 2010