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Faenza CoverGloobus Theme

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

It shameless self-publicity time folks! 

Actually, it’s been a while since we last featured anything CoverGloobus related. This is partly because, right now, work on adding time-slider and volume support (amongst other things) is going on. Whilst you wait here’s a skin I made in a fit of boredom.

Faenza fans on the hunt for a square-y skin for their musical sleeves might like it.

I took a Faenza icon and turned it into a CoverGloobus skin for no other reason than ‘why not?’. The result is ‘faenzaoobus’ and I like it. It is a mite large (250×250) but on my desktop it doesn’t look that large. The theme uses .svg’s so you can edit the size yourself in the skin.xml and it will remain looking okay.

Download & Installation
Download @

Install by extracting the archive and moving the ‘faenzaoobus’ folder to the themes folder within the hidden ‘CoverGloobus’ folder in your Home folder.

Get there quickly: –

  • ALT+F2
  • nautilus  ~/.CoverGloobus/themes
Want to install CoverGloobus? See here for that.