Linux users are already spoilt for choice when it comes to free online cloud storage. UbuntuOne and Dropbox both offer 2GB for nothing whilst newly announced project SparkleShare aims to better both of these.

If none of those above mentioned options float your boat then check out free secure online storage service Wuala. The Swiss-based service already boasts tens of thousands of users with millions of files being actively saved, stored and accessed already.Wuala Beta - My Friends _018


Get More Storage _015[3]By default the service gives users 1GB for free cloud space but, and this is a good but, users can gain more space (and extra features, see below) by ‘trading idle HDD space’ or by inviting other users. With a few pliable associates you can easily rack up  5-6GB of free space for absolutely na-da.


Trading storage space on Wuala is an easy way to gain additional online storage and Pro user features. The entire process is optional but if you’re interested here’s how it works: –

  • You to trade idle local hard drive space on your computer for online storage.
  • Encrypted fragments will be stored on your computer in the data directory.
  • Once you are trading storage, you will automatically become a Pro user.
  • Your earned storage is calculated by multiplying your average online time with the limit you have set in the trade settings. So with 40% online time and a limit of 10 GB you get 4 GB of additional online storage.

What’s the catch? Your computer needs to be online for at least 4 hours a day. 

Buy more

Of course, in keeping with other cloud storage services the option to purchase additional storage and more features, such as file versioning and ‘time travel’ (reverting a file to an earlier version) is available starting from €15/year.


Perhaps one of the most note-worthy features Wuala provides is automatic file encryption: –

“All files get encrypted before they leave the user’s computer and the user chooses who gets access to which folder. No one else – including us – gets to see the files. “

Web interface

Wuala can be run/accessed directly from the web. No download or installation required making accessing your files wherever you go, whether at  university or an Internet café, a breeze.

12 reasons why Wuala is pretty ace

OMG! reader and die-hard Wuala user Xfact gave us a list of 12 reasons why Wuala is worth checking out: –

  1. Cross platform native client support
  2. 1 GB space by default and over 50 GB for ‘trading’
  3. Nautilus file browser support, by ‘Wuala drive’
  4. Sharing and downloading right in the client, also by web based interface
  5. Commenting facility
  6. Notifications when a friend uploading anything new publicly or commenting
  7. Extended privacy and sharing options
  8. Lightweight client
  9. Usable from anywhere anytime – including via the browser!
  10. Groups for sharing contents with anyone
  11. No upload/download limit.
  12. No content restrictions (You will have to mark it as ‘not family friendly’ in case of sharing with everyone)


Wuala for Linux can be downloaded via the Link below and is available in a convenient a .deb package for one-click installation.image

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