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‘Copy’ – New Cloud Storage Service With Apt Name, Linux Client

Copy, a relatively new entry into the 'cloud storage' service arena - but is it any good? We give it a quick glance over...

1 April 2013
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InSync Brings Google Drive to Ubuntu

Desperate to try Google Drive on Ubuntu? Insync is here to help.

1 August 2012
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Amazon Launch Desktop Cloud Drive Apps – But Not for Linux

Despite powering much of the cloud infrastructure that keeps millions of users files and folder online, Linux desktop users don’t seem to be having much luck when it comes to benefitting from the services themselves. […]

2 May 2012
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Mediafire Jump on Cloud Storage Bandwagon, Offer Linux Uploader

How does free, unlimited cloud storage sound? Well former file-hosting service MediaFire are offering just that, as they seek to reposition themselves as a key player in the ‘cloud storage’ market. When compared to the […]

30 April 2012
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Will Google Drive Support Linux?

Word on the winds is that Google will launching their own cloud storage service - called Google Drive - next week. But will it support Linux?

17 April 2012
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Minus Desktop App Gets Refreshed Look, 2GB File Uploads

The desktop application for simple file-sharing service Minus has been updated with a new look, and new features.

20 September 2011
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‘Minus’ File Sharing Service Offers Ubuntu App, Unique Features

Does the world need yet another cloud storage/sharing service? Dropbox, SpiderOak, UbuntuOne - all of them provide the ability to upload a variety of files and then "publish" them for sharing. New York-based startup 'Minus' thinks so

16 September 2011
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Wuala – Linux friendly secure DropBox alternative

Linux users are already spoilt for choice when it comes to free online cloud storage. UbuntuOne and Dropbox both offer 2GB for nothing whilst newly announced project SparkleShare aims to better both of these. If […]

4 July 2010