Regular  3 sheet packNotebook and netbook users the world over can now flash their OS cred to the world with some ace new Ubuntu stickers added to the Ubuntu Store.

Two different packs are available – 3 sheets of the mixed stickers (left) will set you back a not-much-at-all £1.75/$2.77/€2.05 (exec. p&p/s&h).

A variety of sizes (yes, including Windows Key size!) are including ensuring there will always be a sticker that fits every occasion!

Also available are two ‘rubbery’ domed Ubuntu logo stickers (below) which are perfect for slapping over an ASUS/Acer/HP/etc manufacturer logo. A set of 2 stickers will set you £3/$4.75/€ 3.51 (exec. p&p/s&h)..

Nab either set – or both! – @ Stickers

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