If you’re anything like me then there are times when concentrating on writing seems like an impossibility; facebook pokes, youtube crawls, aimless stumbleupon-ing all get in the way of aiming my focus solely on the task in hand.

PyRoom aims to solve that.

PyRoom, above all else, is a simple text editor that runs in fullscreen “without buttons, widgets, formatting options, menus and with only the minimum of required dialog windows“, hiding all of those distractions that normally hinder you thus letting you to focus on simply putting words on the page.

PyRoom’s full screen writing environment gets your computer out of the way so that you can focus on your work. The result is a subtle clearing of the mind that helps you write better.

As PyRoom is a text-based editor with a very minimal UI there is no support for formatting (bold, italic, hyperlinks, etc), something worth bearing in mind if you’re writing something requiring more than just flat text.

You can invoke PyRoom’s preferences window by pressing CTRL+P. Here you are able to configure various options such as font & autosave period as well as the theme!


PyRoom is available to install from the Software Centre, just search for ‘pyroom’. Alternatively just hit the one-click-install button below.

Once installed PyRoom can be run from Applications > Office > PyRoom
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