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OneConf wants to reinstall your applications & settings on a fresh Ubuntu install

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The pain of having to manually reinstall your favourite applications, import programme settings, configurations and more on a new install of Ubuntu will soon, potentially, become a thing of the past if the work of new Ubuntu initiative ‘OneConf’ bears fruit

Designed to  save a list of installed programs, their settings, configurations and preferences; OneConf aims to synchronize this information with Ubuntu One – Canonical’s cloud storage service.

Before a fresh-install of Ubuntu a user would be able to, with a few clicks, be able to back up a list of their saved applications, settings and preferences and, upon the fresh install, OneConf would reinstall, reinstate & re-enable all of your settings. It will be like nothing had ever changed.

Even more tantalising is the possibility that OneConf could be integrated into the Ubiquity installer thus allowing for your settings to be reimplemented actually during the re-install.

Such a service has long been a dream for users – Ubuntu is about to make it a reality.

The Brave and the Bold: Testing OneConf
Extremely brave users can test OneConf out now by following the instructions on the OneConf testing wiki page @

The project is in a very early Alpha stage so do not follow the instructions unless fully prepared for the consequences!