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Get Stuff Down With Pomodoro Indicator Timer for Ubuntu

Indicator-Pomodoro is a small tray-based timer tool designed specifically for use with Pomodoro technique.

7 September 2011
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Tomighty: Pomodoro technique timer for Linux

"Getting things done" is, of late, a phrase alien to my work ethic. Rooting around for ways to help my concentrate I remember the 'Pomodoro Technique' - a time-management method that is, supposedly, meant to help. And thankfully there's an app for it.

15 April 2011
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Enhance your productivity with Docky’s timer applet & the Pomodoro technique

Having read about the Pomodoro Technique for ‘training your brain away from distractions‘ on Lifehacker I wanted to try it out. To effectively do so I needed a timer. Thankfully I needed to look no further than my […]

13 June 2010