We’ve blogged previously about the new-look installation slideshow (designed by Dylan McCall, Michael Forrest and Otto Greenslade) that will greet all users installing of Ubuntu 10.04 ” but today finally saw it get pushed into actual being with plenty of changes – most of which fix issues readers expressed during the initial designs.

The ever-so-slightly misaligned Ubuntu logo of before is now almost perfectly centred with its frame.

Ubiquity Slideshow with Webkit_001

The lack of a generic “web” icon irked some. You’ll be pleased to see the official Firefox icon in its place

Ubiquity Slideshow with Webkit_002

The push also sees updated slideshows for Kubuntu and Xubuntu – although the Xubuntu version is, in comparison to its slickly designed counterparts, a bit austere looking.


Take a peek

If you really want to see the slideshow inaction then doing so is easy.

  • Download this Tarbell and extract.
  • Double click on the test-slideshow.sh file inside the extracted folder and choose which derivative slideshow you wish to preview when prompted to do so.
  • Spend 5 minutes of your life watching a fake installation. 
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