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‘Postman’ Photo Uploader Adds Google+, Picasa Support

Postman - a slick photo uploader created for the Ubuntu App Showdown contest - has been updated to support new services. Joining Ubuntu One and Flickr as upload destinations are Google's social network 'Google+', and their photo-sharing website Picasa.

26 August 2012
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‘Nautilus Facebook Uploader’ Adds More Features

'Nautilus Facebook Uploader' has shed the shackles of the file manager from which it was originally created to work with and is now a fully fledged application in its own right.

26 April 2011
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Picapy: Desktop ‘Picasa Web’ file browser for Ubuntu

Managing your Picasa Web photos without opening a browser or installing Google's Wine-friendly Picasa Photo editor is possible using Picapy - a python based file browser for Picasa Web albums.

15 March 2011
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Easily upload photos to Facebook in Ubuntu with ‘Starry hope Uploader’

Starry Hope Uploader makes uploading photos to your Facebook profile easy. Once open, just drag and drop your images onto the uploader, choose or create an album for them to be part of and hit upload. Further info, download instructions and more are inside.

28 February 2011
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Desktop Flickr tool ‘Frogr’ gets updated

Flickr fans may be pleased to hear that cutely named 'Frogr' Flickr uploading tool has hit version 0.3

24 December 2010
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Orifli – Simple desktop Flickr image uploader

Looking for a simple, lightweight Flickr image uploader? Orifli by Original Coding might be just what you’re looking for. If you’ve never heard of Orifli before now then there’s a simple reason – the Flickr-loving app is […]

20 July 2010
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Desktop Uploader ‘Gimgur’

Many OMG! readers use image-hosting service for uploading screenshots to share in our IRC or in the comment sections of posts. Due to popular screenshot tool Shutter lacking Imgur support most users have to […]

28 March 2010