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This Script Sets Wallpapers from Imgur As Your Desktop Background

Pyckground is a simple python script that can fetch a new desktop background on the Cinnamon desktop from any Imgur gallery you want. I came across it while doing a bit of background on the Bit Day wallpaper pack, and […]

4 December 2016

Imgur-Screenshot Is a Nifty Screengrab and Upload Tool for Linux

I recently began looking for a way to quicken the process of uploading large screenshots to Imgur when I happened across this awesome tool.

16 July 2016
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Nautilus Imgur uploading Script updated with login feature

Last week I posted about Tommy Brunn’s ace Imgur nautilus script that makes image uploading a right-click breeze. On that post many readers wished for ‘login’ support so that images could be uploaded to their […]

21 November 2010
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Quickly upload images to Imgur via Nautilus

Does what it says on the tin. Or in this case menu entry.

19 November 2010
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Desktop Uploader ‘Gimgur’

Many OMG! readers use image-hosting service for uploading screenshots to share in our IRC or in the comment sections of posts. Due to popular screenshot tool Shutter lacking Imgur support most users have to […]

28 March 2010