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Like Dark GTK Themes? Check out ‘elementary Dark’

If you been wondering whether the indomitable elementary theme would look better dark, get ready to climb aboard: your theme-train just arrived courtesy of DeviantArtist ~satya164...

28 July 2011
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How to make your favourite GTK+ theme ‘borderless’

We've fallen in love with 'Borderless' Metacity theme mods of late - the elementary example we feature was particularly striking. Rather than wait for your favourite theme maker to add a borderless-variant for you to install why not do it yourself? OMG! Ubuntu! reader zach4618 sent in a super easy guide on how to 'mod' a theme yourself.

9 January 2011
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OMG! 5! – Five Minimal Metacity Themes

To counterbalance the increasing amount of bright and shiny-buttoned Metacity's of late I present you with some sober minimal Metacity themes to install and enjoy.

11 July 2010
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Elementary Theme Getting New Metacity

We love the Elementary theme here at OMG! and we know a large chunk of you do, too. If you’re not using the incredibly awesome eHomosapien metacity chances are you’re using the default Elementary metacity. […]

17 February 2010
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Homosapien Metacity Customizer – Tweak Homosapien Online Then Download It

So we’ve droned on and on and on about the make-it-default-already proposed Lucid Metacity Homosapien. It’s amazing, beautiful stuff. Zac Barton – fast becoming my favourite themer – has now created an online customization tool […]

11 February 2010
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Slim Homosapien Metacity edit

At some point I will have to stop talking about Homosapien but it’s hard when tweaks and edits, like the following edit by osliner, keep cropping up: – Slimmer, compact and users your selected background […]

7 February 2010
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‘Homosapien’ – Proposed Metacity for Lucid (Now downloadable)

‘Homosapien’ is a proposed Metacity theme – for Lucid.Although the author doesn’t offer up any more information other than the fact the image above is merely a mockup, it looks an exciting and unique submission […]

31 January 2010