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Download 4 New Themes For Ubuntu 10.04, Including Homosapien

Four new themes have been chosen for Lucid’s community-themes package. These themes – along with updates version of 4 old favourites – can be installed in Lucid using the following command: – sudo apt-get install […]

28 February 2010
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Homosapien Metacity Customizer – Tweak Homosapien Online Then Download It

So we’ve droned on and on and on about the make-it-default-already proposed Lucid Metacity Homosapien. It’s amazing, beautiful stuff. Zac Barton – fast becoming my favourite themer – has now created an online customization tool […]

11 February 2010
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Slim Homosapien Metacity edit

At some point I will have to stop talking about Homosapien but it’s hard when tweaks and edits, like the following edit by osliner, keep cropping up: – Slimmer, compact and users your selected background […]

7 February 2010
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eHomosapien Metacity Now Available To Download

The Homosapien Metacity themes are stunning, but none more so than the Elementary styled one we featured a few days ago. Thankfully it is now available to download and install! Hurrah! Download @ Install Extract the […]

4 February 2010
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eHomosapien – Elementary Inspired Homosapien Metacity

We’ve all been drooling over the Homosapien metacity themes of late. Now, from the same designer as that Metacity comes an elementary inspired version called ‘eHomosapien‘.  Sadly what you see above is merely a mock-up currently […]

1 February 2010
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‘Homosapien’ – Proposed Metacity for Lucid (Now downloadable)

‘Homosapien’ is a proposed Metacity theme for Lucid.Although the author doesn’t offer up any more information other than the fact the image above is merely a mockup, it looks an exciting and unique submission in itself. […]

31 January 2010