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Download 4 New Themes For Ubuntu 10.04, Including Homosapien

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Four new themes have been chosen for Lucid’s community-themes package.

These themes – along with updates version of 4 old favourites – can be installed in Lucid using the following command: –

sudo apt-get install community-themes

Many of the the themes chosen we have already blogged extensively about. Homosapien, for example, became a firm fixture in our theme posts over the last few months, so it’s great to see it chosen for inclusion.

Homosapien (Download)

If you’ve yet to have heard of Homosapien then I must ask where the heck have you been!? Do yourself a favour and subscribe to our RSS or twitter feed as we’ve been championing this beauty since day one!

homosapien gtk theme

Sorbet (Download)

A gorgeous red-tinged theme with an equally awesome metacity. Sorbet uses the Breathe icon set.

Wasp (Download)

Another dark theme and one i’ve never really used. If you like dark themes it’s probably an interesting alternative to Dust or Impression but doesn’t really gold up well on it’s own.

Kudos to the interesting metacity and the fact it has it’s own Chrome theme! (get that here)

Kin (Download)

I’ve never been a fan of Kin and it’s back once again for a slot in the Community themes package with some toned down colours. The metacity is interesting but as a whole the theme just feels… odd to me.

Impression (Download)

A improved version of an established theme, this version of Impression is arguably the best yet and proves itself worthy of it’s popularity.

Hanso (Download)

Much, much better than i ever remember it looking previously. the Humanity-Dark icons really come into their own with Hanso and the scrollbars it uses are utterly divine.


I’ve never been a fan of Turrican. It doesn’t seem to have an indentity and instead is a mish mash of every OS X wannabe theme you’ve ever encountered.