Ever tried creating a URL shortcut with Firefox in Ubuntu only to find yourself frustrated?

Yes that does sound the opening line to an insurance advert, but it’s not! Easily creating desktop shortcuts to webpages is a bit of a tedious affair in Ubuntu – in fact in Linux in general.

  • Dragging an address from the URL bar onto the desktop doesn’t work.
  • The ‘File’ menu gives you no option to save current page as a link.

For a newbie to Ubuntu this can seem an alien situation; “Am i doing something wrong?” – No. You’re not. However you can easily get the functionality back by installing the ‘DeskCut’ addon.

Deskcut provides a right-click menu option for Firefox allowing you to create URL Shortcuts in two clicks. You can choose the folder inwhich to place the Shortcut (i.e. ‘desktop’) and specify shortcut name too.

It also allows you to create a shortcut by simply dragging the URL from the address bar onto the desktop! Nice!