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How to Install GNOME Shell Extensions with Firefox & Chrome

It'll soon be harder to install GNOME Extensions with Firefox, as the browser retires support for NPAPI plugins. We show you how to keep the feature.

23 January 2017
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Touch-friendly browsers in Ubuntu: Opera Mobile 11; add-ons for Firefox, Chrome

Using Ubuntu on a tablet or netvertible isn't the nicest of fits and that's understandable: Ubuntu is not a tablet OS after all. There are, however, plenty of things one can do to make the experience of using Ubuntu on a tablet/touchscreen that little bit more more enjoyable. Over the coming weeks I'll be sharing a selection of tips, apps and ideas for doing just this. But first you'll need something to read the posts in...

21 April 2011
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Zotero reference software heading to the desktop, more browsers

The open source reference management software Zotero is to see a standalone desktop application for Linux, Mac and Windows and support for more browsers.

8 October 2010
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Easily Integrate Thunderbird into the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

Thunderbird users seeking out native notifications and interactive integration with their Ubuntu desktop need look no further than this neat add-on.

26 September 2010
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LastPass – free, Secure, Password sync

You know the score: You use, blog, post and wax lyrical on a million different websites and that means lots of different accounts and, thusly, lots of different passwords too. So many passwords fast become […]

8 July 2010
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Get native Ubuntu notifications working again in Firefox 3.6.6

Popular Firefox extension ‘Firefox-Notify’ – which uses native Ubuntu notifications in place of the default Firefox ones – no longer works with Firefox 3.6.6 in Ubuntu. Thankfully users  needn’t forgo native notifications for long… It’s […]

1 July 2010
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Deskcut – Easily Create URL Shortcuts In Ubuntu

Ever tried creating a URL shortcut with Firefox in Ubuntu only to find yourself frustrated? Yes that does sound the opening line to an insurance advert, but it’s not! Easily creating desktop shortcuts to webpages […]

15 January 2010
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Add-on Lets Thunderbird Use Ubuntu Notification System

Earlier today (which was just a repost of an article we posted very early last year!) we mentioned a Firefox add-on for getting Firefox to use the native Ubuntu notification system and ditching its own. […]

4 January 2010
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One Add-on Lets Firefox Use Ubuntu Notification System

Firefox uses its own notification system for alerting users to various events. These can easily be missed on an Ubuntu system as users are used to seeing notifications appear in the top right-hand corner. Thankfully […]

4 January 2010
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15 Useful Extensions For Google Chrome: Adblockers, flashblockers, session savers, mail notifiers, delicious, etc

Further to my previous post on “Why Google Chrome Should Be Your Default Browser“, I thought i’d post a boring-yet-useful list of 15 Chrome extensions that make an already awesome browser even more awesome… er. […]

8 October 2009
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Silverlight For Linux

To view Silverlight embedded content on the web in Linux, simply install the ‘moonlight’ add-on for Firefox developed by Novell. (Them what make OpenSUSE!). The add-on is being developed with assistance from the hallowed redmond […]

3 December 2008