Adobe are to release a new version of their native 64-bit Flash plug-in for Linux on the 8th December.

Posting on the “Flash 10 Player” page for Linux 64 bit, Adobe make the following statement:-


In text for those on small screens: –

Furthering Adobe’s commitment to the Linux community and as part of ongoing efforts to ensure the cross-platform compatibility of Flash Player, an alpha refresh of 64-bit Adobe Flash Player 10 for Linux operating systems was released on December 8, 2009 and is available for download. This offers easier, native installation on 64-bit Linux distributions and removes the need for 32-bit emulation. Learn more by reading the 64-bit Flash Player 10 FAQ.

For those not yet on the ball, this statement has been either released too early or is a typo. Given that the version of Flash x64 downloadable on the page is still the last-refreshed version released in July 2009 (v., the former seems the front runner in this deduction of pre-release logic.

This release comes just over a year since the first version of native 64bit Flash was made available on Linux.

Thanks to my ever resourceful eyes and ears, Martini1179

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