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Ubuntu Is Dropping 32-bit Desktop Images

You won't be able to download Ubuntu 17.10 32-bit desktop builds, as Ubuntu is dropping 32-bit builds of Ubuntu 17.10 desktop entirely.

27 September 2017

Yikes — 92% Of You Say You Use 64-bit Ubuntu

92% of readers say they use a 64-bit version of Ubuntu as their primary OS, with just 7% relying on an Ubuntu 32-bit install.

20 September 2016

Ubuntu to Promote 64bit Downloads As Default

The Ubuntu website is to switch to promoting 64bit builds of Ubuntu desktop and server by default from this October.

3 September 2013
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Adobe Air 64bit .deb for Ubuntu

An actual 64bit .deb installer for Adobe Air? Yes. Sadly it's not from Adobe themselves, but it does cut out the chore of manually hacking the 32bit binary to install in Ubuntu 64bit.

25 February 2011
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What architecture is your Ubuntu? [Poll]

Are you a traditional 32 bit user or have you ventured out on a limb and installed 64 bit Ubuntu to make the most of your hardware?

12 September 2010
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How To Install Adobe Air On Ubuntu 64bit

Whilst Adobe provide a 32bit version of their Adobe Air application for Linux, a native x64 version remains a dream. Thankfully, with few installed dependencies, the 32bit version will happily run on a 64bit installation […]

7 January 2010
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Ubuntu 64bit Really Is Faster Than 32bit

The usual story given to a user who asks “is 64bit Ubuntu is worth it?” on the Ubuntu Forums  is a muddle of “not really…”, “not that much faster…”, “if what you got works, stay […]

30 December 2009
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New Adobe Flash 64bit For Linux Coming 8th December

Adobe are to release a new version of their native 64-bit Flash plug-in for Linux on the 8th December. Posting on the “Flash 10 Player” page for Linux 64 bit, Adobe make the following statement:- […]

2 December 2009
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Install 64bit Google Chrome With Flash And Extensions

Google are now offering a native 64bit version of their Google Chrome browser that no longer relies on ia32-libs. Download link: Enable Flash To enable flash you will need to add –enable-plugins to your shortcut […]

19 August 2009