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We’re NOT Mac OS X!

Those who installed Lucid Lynx got a surprise – from pre-releases through to the full release of 10.04, Ubuntu’s windows buttons have swapped sides! Interesting how this default setup of these buttons now mirror those […]

10 June 2010
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OMG Exclusive: Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Video Review

Introducing: The best Ubuntu yet? Since its release a month ago I have been testing Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the improvements in this version of my favorite distribution […]

1 June 2010
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Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Alpha 2 Released

The second Alpha of the Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx development cycle has been released. This is the second of three Alpha releases, the last of which will arrive on February 25th. This will be followed […]

15 January 2010
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Ubuntu Netbook Remix To Be Renamed

The familiar name of Ubuntu Netbook Remix will disappear come Lucid Lynx in favour of a more official sounding name – Ubuntu Netbook Edition. The official blueprint for this change puts the case for the […]

16 November 2009
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Lucid Lynx: What We Know So Far

It was named last week and will make the first tentative footsteps into the world in early December – but what do we know about the Lucid Lynx so far? The Lynx’s Lair What kind […]

26 September 2009

Ubuntu 10.04 Named ‘Lucid Lynx’

The name of Ubuntu 10.04, the release due in April 2010, has been revealed as ‘Lucid Lynx’! Lynx’s Meat Lucid Lynx will be a LTS release (supported for 5 years) and will ship with Gnome […]

20 September 2009