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Get Xubuntu’s Boot Splash Animation In Ubuntu Karmic!

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Xubuntu Karmic has a really nice XSplash animation effect during it’s boot up. It resembles, to me at least, a bunch of swarming fireflies.

You can see it for yourself in this dodgy handheld video of Xubuntu’s boot: –

It’s a snap to get this effect in regular Ubuntu Karmic’s start-up screen. So if you’re bored with the “cylon zipper” during boot up why not replace it with this? You don’t need to install anything, just move a few files into a folder!

How To “Install” Xubuntu’s Xsplash
Download the Xubuntu “Throbbers” (as they’re called). I’ve packaged what you need into one file available from my dropbox [Link 2.9MB].

Hit ALT+F2 & type: –

  • gksu nautilus /usr/share/images/xsplash

Create a new folder within /images/xsplash and move all of the original images named ‘throbber’ into it.

Now move all of the images named ‘throbber’ from the xubuntu folder you downloaded into the /usr/share/images/xsplash folder.

Reboot and enjoy!

This “throbber” is the work os an incredible designer who has an incredible eye for design. Most of the interwebs know him as MadsRH and his artwork proposals for Ubuntu are always pretty much universally loved (but never used =( ) so I’m glad other distro’s/offshoots are starting to pick up on his talent.


Reader rinoshea uploaded a video to YouTube with the results of this tutorial in action! Nice stuff!