The best video editor for Linux ‘OpenShot’ has finally gotten itself some new icons! Yes it is a slow news day…

These new ‘tango’ style icons bring a much needed visual refresh to the (at times) slightly odd looking default set of "glassy" icons.

The new tango Theme
The default “Glassy” theme

Enabling The New Theme
You need to install a new version of OpenShot to install this theme.

Installing The Latest OpenShot

A lot of people (including myself) got burned by the OpenShot PPA released a while ago. It was something of a PR disaster as I read far too many comments in the wake of it from people proclaiming that this was the first and last time they were going to touch OpenShot. A seriously bad move if you’re one of them as OpenShot is the new standard for Video Editors on Linux.

Sadly the PPA is still being fixed, so in the mean time for error free installation you just need to whack some .debs and install it that way. Hurrah!

Latest .deb’s @

If you’re a curious old soul and want to stay bang-up-to-date with OpenShot’s development you can install it (and update it very very regularly) from its bzr using

  • bzr branch lp:openshot

For future reference the OpenShot PPA is:

It is currently only available for Jaunty and Karmic users.

You can also enable it via the latest UbuntuTweak.

Currently installing from the PPA will REMOVE video playback in ALL movie players.
Please only install from the DEB linked above.
Enable The Theme

Open OpenShot’s shiny new preferences window via Edit > Preferences and simply choose a theme from the drop down box. Click okay.


I’ll be having a go at getting some other themes to work with it – ideally Humanity. I’ll keep you posted!

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