Karmic Koala’s visual refresh to Ubuntu’s ‘Network Manager’ was this afternoon pushed out on the the update wagon. As i told you about a month or so ago in my post on “Ten Things You May Not Be Expecting In Karmic“, this “redesign” aims to make the already useful network manager even more useful – particularly when you need to switch between multiple networks (like in a WiFi enable cafe, per example.)

Here it is as of Karmic Koala Alpha 6: –

The heart icon next to the connected WiFi network in the picture above is used to denote an automatic or preferred network, however this is being removed for the upcoming beta as the dev’s deemed it “too ugly“!

As such it now looks like this: –

Overall It’s a great improvement, and having ‘active’ and ‘available’ networks separated is a simple but bloody useful idea!

For reference, this is how NetworkManager used to look: –

Progress is, indeed, sweet!

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