Fotoxx is a very simple, straight forward photo editor that aims “…to meet most photo editing needs while remaining easy to use.” And it succeeds!


It has many, many features a short selection of which are: –

  • navigate images with a pageable thumbnail window
  • change brightness and contrast
  • flatten brightness distribution
  • change color intensity
  • saturation and depth
  • make panoramas, make HDR images
  • trim, rotate, rescale
  • fix red-eye
  • fix perspective (leaning buildings)
  • warp
  • sharpen
  • blur
  • remove noise (speckles)
  • make a collage of images

and a ton i haven’t even mentioned!

The important thing is that most of the functions included are ones you will use and all do a great job of improving your photos. Here are some examples: –

Make panoramas: –


Brightness redistribution: –


Warp: –


Try it out!

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You can find out more about Fotoxx @

In a few days i’ll be posting a comparison of Fotoxx, Google Picasa and a few other photo editing applications.

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